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Best Christmas Gift for 2022 : iPhone Covers

Best Christmas Gift for 2022 : iPhone Covers

Christmas is approaching, which means the gift giving season is approaching as well. Giving gifts sometimes can be hectic. You need to think of what people will like and if that will be of any use to them because you also want to give them something that they can remember you by whenever they use it. You also have to see that you are not doing any injustice by giving one person an expensive gift and the other a not so Expensive gift when gifting people of the same group. So, if you are also in that confusion about what to give everyone, then you are in the right place. Phone covers/ iPhone covers for gifts can be the perfect present for everyone!

How are iPhone Covers the Perfect Gift Choice?

  • You don’t need to think much about the gift that is suitable for everyone, as everyone needs a phone cover to protect their phones.
  • It is a cost-effective gift as GenZ Lifestyle provides iPhone covers at affordable prices.
  • An iPhone cover needs to be changed every few months, thus your iPhone cover for a gift can be used in very recent times by them.

What iPhone Cases are perfect Christmas Gifts for 2022

Here is a list of the best iPhone cases for Christmas gifts that you can choose from…

1. Jack Daniel Floating Toy Liquid iPhone Case

iPhone covers for gifts
  • Made with high quality silicone and plastic
  • Scratch resistant

You know whom you can gift this case already don’t you? What better than Jack's denial then, right? Made with high-quality silicone and plastic and crafted by the best people in the country, these floating liquid iPhone covers will not let the liquid leak ever.

It protects the phone from all the unplanned drops, shocks, impacts, and scratches. ‘Alcohol tastes better than tears’ as the cover read, making these covers the quirkiest of this collection. It has a jack daniel Logo and the bottle will be a perfect gift for jack Daniels fans.

2. The Yellow iPhone Case for Your Fellow

iPhone covers for gifts
  • Raised bezels
  • Shock observant
  • 12 ft. drop protection

The yellow case is for your fellow who likes things simple and minimalistic. The yellow iPhone case here is a very minimalistic design. The raised bevels provide protection to the screen and the camera. It is shocking observant and provides 12 ft. drop protection. This means the cover is not just modern in design but is also protective of your iPhone, serving its purpose.

3. iPhone Case for The Proud Apple iPhone Owner

iPhone covers for gifts

We all have that friend who loves all the Apple products and knows everything about it. So, for those proud Apple iPhone owners, what can be a better iPhone cover for a gift than a transparent iPhone cover?

The one over here is a chrome case, that has an electroplated coloured bumper frame that you can choose the colour of according to your personality. The transparent case lets them show off the real colour of their iPhone and the Apple logo of course!

4. The Chanel - iPhone Cover

iPhone covers for gifts
  • Precise cut outs for all the features of the iPhone
  • Type: Bumper case
  • Anti-knock

Chanel is one of the top fashion brands in the world. And you must know a friend that adores this brand as she herself is a fashionista. This Chanel iPhone cover will be a perfect gift for there, as this case is classy, and shiny and has a golden Chanel logo on it. It is available in black and white colour options too!

The Chanel logo on the cover can be rotated and the circle of the logo can also be converted in the phone holder. It also has this classy wavy borderline for the sake of the design that makes it look more pretty. It has precise cutouts for cameras, charging points and other features as well.

5. CASTiFY Busy Doing Nothing iPhone cases - for You Know Who

iPhone covers for gifts
  • 4.9 ft. drop protection
  • 100% recyclable packaging
  • Wireless charging compatible

We all have that person who is always late & busy, as they say, but are never doing anything that keeps them busy. Yes, of course, this case is for those lazy ones in our lives. The case read ‘Busy doing Nothing', with a white daisy sleeping with her arms wide open, which reflects their personality. This CASTiFY iPhone case has stars and snow dust illustrated in such a beautiful colour combination that will simply say ‘I still love’ on your behalf.

6. iPhone cases For the ‘All Things Aesthetic’ Person

iPhone covers for gifts
  • Slim profile
  • Lightweight
  • Wireless charging compatible

For the person who likes all things aesthetically pleasing. These cases are the ones that will awestruck them. This laser cloud iPhone case reflects the image of the sky, as the beautiful clouds with a background that changes colour just like how it happens in the sky during all day. The case has a slim profile, is lightweight and is also compatible with wireless charging.

7. iPhone Cases For your Coffee-Partner

iPhone covers for gifts
  • Slim bumper case
  • Convenient assembly and disassembly
  • Shock proof

A Starbucks iPhone Cases will be a perfect gift for your favourite coffee partner. The Starbucks case comes in so many designs, collages, and colours. They even come in variations of coffees like espresso, Frappuccino, latte, etc. You can choose the cover according to your favourite coffee as well.

It comes with collages of so many types with all sorts of Starbucks related elements, that you can also choose the one that reminds them of the specific indents with those elements like coffees, bills, coffee mugs, etc.

To Wrap Up

iPhone cases are available in so many designs, colours, patterns, and materials that you can easily find one to gift for possibly everyone. GenZ lifestyle Provides Apple accessories like AirPods covers, iWatch cases, iWatch straps, MacBook cases, and iPhone Covers at affordable prices so that you can buy Christmas presents for everyone at a pocket friendly price!

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1. Which is the best cover to give to a fashionable girl as a present?

Ans. The Chanel iPhone cover, the LV printed iPhone cover and many iPhone covers are there in the GenZ lifestyle that will be perfect to give as a present to a girl.

2. Which iPhone cover can I give to a lazy person as a present?

Ans. ‘Busy doing nothing’ case is the perfect case to gift a lazy person.

3. Are slim bumper iPhone cases just as protective as bumper cases?

Ans. Yes, Slim bumper iPhone cases on GenZ are just as protective as bumper cases.


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