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Prettiest Flower Print iPhone Covers under rs.1500!

Prettiest Flower Print iPhone Covers under rs.1500!

For the love of nature, and flowers, of course, we bring you these prettiest flower print iPhone Covers under 1500! Let us all agree that flower prints are never going out of fashion, of course, the designs will change over time, but floral print demand is never going down. Especially the iPhone cases, they will always look more precious in pretty floral cases.

The royal touch that the iPhone has plus the floral print on the case makes them look more royal. With the current floral print case, you can even elevate your outfit using your iPhone case as an accessory. Read further if you agree.

New Flower Print Covers

GenZ Lifestyle brings to you the new and prettiest flower print iPhone cases for your floral print iPhone cover collection with the below specifications.

Do the floral print cases add any bulk to the iPhone?

The Floral print cases are ultra slim and lightweight which adds no bulk to your iPhone.

Are the flower print iPhone cases scratch-proof?

The flower print iPhone cases here are resistant to scratches to keep them fresh like new.

Are the flower print cases protective enough for your phone?

The flower print iPhone cases here protect your iPhones from minor bumps, drops and impacts with impact-resistant qualities.

Can I charge my iPhone without taking off the iPhone cover?

These iPhone covers are perfectly crafted with high-quality material with precise cut-outs for easy access to all the buttons, ports, controls and sensors so that you don’t have to take off your iPhone cover to charge your phone.

What iPhone models are these flower print cases compatible with?

These flower print cases are compatible with iPhone 12/ 12 Pro, iPhone 13, and iPhone 14/ 14 pro/ 14 Promax/ 14 plus.

1. The Big Pink & Blue Flowers iPhone Covers

flower print iPhone 12 cases

This beautiful blue flower print cover here has the most beautiful floral print over it. It is designed with beautiful big blue and pink flowers with green and beige-grey leaves. This GenZ Lifestyle also has the ingrown-yellow-flowers for the detail that noticeably adds some charm to the design. The dark green leaves on the cover balance the blue and pink to not let any of them over power the design.
Price: Rs. 899/-

2. The Sunflowers iPhone Covers

flower print iPhone 12 pro cases

The beautiful yellow sunflowers patterned on a black background is an amazing design for an iPhone 12 pro case. The sunflowers simply composed on an empty black background is a classic design. The black brings simplicity and the yellow sunflowers pop up with its nature of colour, bringing an elegant cover altogether. The sunflower iPhone case here on Genz Lifestyle is available at a reasonable price as well.
Price: 899/-

3. The colourful iPhone Covers

flower print iPhone 12 Promax cases

This iPhone 12 flower print case here on GenZ Lifestyle has a very colourful floral print. It has red, orange, pink, purple, and yellow flowers and leaves. Randomly yet beautifully composed flowers and leaves here give a very summer vibe. The flowers are drawn in a very illustrated way as well, which keeps up with the cute look the case brings on.
Price: 899/-

4. The light coloured iPhone Covers

flower print iPhone 13 cases

This iPhone 13 cover here on GenZ Lifestyle is a very trendy case. The light colour tones and the drawing over the transparent case itself come together as a very beautiful design. The light pink and white flowers are illustrated with darker green strands and leaves to balance out the whites. The yellow strands and leaves stay as very thinly noticeable, but finely commentable details.
Price: Rs. 1499/-

5. The Peach Flowers iPhone Covers

flower print iPhone 13 pro cases

The peach flower iPhone 14 cover here on GenZ Lifestyle, is one of our best selling floral print cases. The light peach pink flowers with light green leaves are balanced with some dark green leaves and black stands. An orange lemon like detail at the bottom left corner adds a little charm of its own.
Price: Rs. 1499/-

6. The Blue Flowers iPhone Covers

flower print iPhone 13 Promax cases

The blue flower iPhone 14 case on GenZ Lifestyle here is one of the best looking and trendiest cases of this time. The beautiful blue flowers are surrounded by flowers that are different shades of blue. The beige-brown leaves and stands support the blue while the yellow ones brighten the blue colour. The white flowers on the other hand balance the whole composition and colour combination.
Price: Rs. 1499/-

This is probably the best collection of flower print iPhone covers on GenZ Lifestyle, we must say. The cases are ultra slim and lightweight They are capable of keeping your case from scratches as they are scratch resistant. They are capable of protecting your phone from accidental drops, bumps and impacts due to their impact-resistant quality. These pretty cases above with the prettiest flower prints glorify your iPhone. Many of the cases above are floral printed on a transparent background, which allows you to showcase the original colour of your iPhone as well. so, what are you waiting for now? Visit Genz Lifestyle and get your Floral print cases today!

You can also visit GenZ Lifestyle to explore a wide range of cool iPhone covers, AirPods covers, iPad cases, iWatch straps, phone accessories and many more at the most affordable prices.

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1. Where can I get the best flower print iPhone Cases online?

Ans. You can get the best flower print iPhone cases Online on GenZ Lifestyle in a wide variety of materials and designs.

2. Are the flower prints available in transparent iPhone cases?

Ans. Yes, the flower prints are available in transparent iPhone cases on GenZ Lifestyle.

3. Where can I Get cheap flower print iPhone Cases Online?

Ans. GenZ Lifestyle offers flower print cases, Starbucks cases, embroidered cases, diamond cases and many more types of iPhone cases online at Best Prices.

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