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Best iPhone Cases Under 500/-

Best iPhone Cases Under 500/-

Have you been finding it hard to find the perfect iPhone cover for your iPhone?

The one that protects your phone from accidental drops, falls, scratches, impacts, and fingerprints?

The one that you can carry around for that perfect occasion?

the one that you can carry around everywhere?

The one that is perfect?

The one that matches your personality?

And well, the one that suits your budget first of all?

Do Not Worry, Cause you have landed in the right place. GenZ Lifestyle has classy, cool and pretty iPhone cases under rs. 500/- Only! Yes! you heard it right! GenZ Lifestyle has a wide range of iPhone covers that you may find perfect for you and that too under a reasonable price!

iPhone Cover Under Rs. 500/- Only

Without further ado, let’s take a look at what GenZ Lifestyle has to offer you under just rs. 500/-

1. Starbucks Shiny iPhone Cases

 iPhone 13 cases under 500


  • Hard-wearing TPU
  • Slim, form-fitting & lightweight
  • Shiny surface

The forever favourite, as it seems according to the changing trends itself, the Starbucks iPhone cases. Starbucks cases were launched a couple of years ago, and we must say it seems like they never went out of fashion. The Starbucks cases are available in so many prints, designs and materials, one for every personality.

The Starbucks cases did upgrade themselves over changing trends. This particular one over here on GenZ Lifestyle is the latest Starbucks iPhone case. It has a shiny surface that can change colour. It is made with premium, hard-wearing TPU material. It is slim, form-fitting and very lightweight.

2. Adidas Soft Silicone iPhone Case

 iPhone 13 pro cases under 500


  • Scratch resistant
  • Dustproof, shockproof
  • Made with high-quality silicone

The Adidas silicone iPhone covers here is one of The best-selling products on GenZ Lifestyle. It has a very simple design. The black case with every detail crafted white gives the case a perfect look.

They are scratch-resistant, dustproof and shockproof. This iPhone 14 silicone case is made with high-quality soft silicone, thus making it soft and comfortable to use. It can protect your phone from accidental drops and impacts perfectly.

3. Clear Non-Yellow iPhone Case

 iPhone 14 cases under 500


  • Non-yellow
  • Raised lip protection
  • Drop tested for up to 3 metres.

The forever favourite clear case keeps updating itself with small details every time with its newly launched designs.

This particular clear iPhone case here has an octagonal shape for the edges and has raised lip protection for the screen and the camera. This non-yellow clear iPhone case here on GenZ Lifestyle has a unique stylish back with a 6H anti-scratch, polycarbonate shell. It also has reinforced shock absorbing corners that provide military grade protection. These cases are also drop tested for up to 3 metres.

4. Fashionable Silicone iPhone Cases With Metal Camera Ring

 iPhone 14 pro cases under 500


  • Metal camera rings
  • Made with Polyurethane material
  • Water-resistant

Some of the most trendy cases nowadays must be these silicone iPhone cases with metal camera rings. The design of these cases is inspired by the down jackets.

Metal iPhone cases are made with polyurethane material, which is water-resistant. The surfaces of these cases is smooth and easy to clean. These cases are very soft yet very protective. They are a little puffy but not bulky, and they fit in your pocket really easily without adding any bulk to them.

5. Ultra Slim Paper iPhone Cases

 iPhone 13 promax cases under 500


  • Paper thin side profile
  • Sweat proof, fingerprint proof
  • Anti-dust, tear resistant
  • washable

The ultra-slim paper iPhone cases, just like their name suggests, are paper-like thin. It has a plastic transparent form that fits perfectly over your iPhone.

These paper thin iPhone cases here on GenZ Lifestyle are sweatproof, fingerprint-proof, anti dust and tear-resistant and are also washable. The blue iPhone Cases here are also available in various colour options.

6. Chrome iPhone Cases

 iPhone 14 promax cases under 500


  • Made with a lightweight tough polymer
  • Raised bezels

Another classy and one of the most trendy cases nowadays are these chrome iPhone cases from GenZ Lifestyle. These chrome cases are crafted with lightweight tough polymer, which makes it easy to put on and take off the cases anytime you need. The cases are slim & flexible and have raised bezels to protect your screen and the camera.

The crystal clear back lets you show off the real colour of your iPhone whereas the coloured frames make the case pop. The chrome iPhone cases are available at just rs. 349/- which makes them not just pretty but also affordable.

7. Coloured Border iPhone Cases
 iPhone 12 cases under 500

  • Shockproof
  • Precis cutouts for every element on the iPhone

The coloured border iPhone cases here on GenZ Lifestyle are available at just rs. 299/- only! This transparent iPhone case has coloured borders that sets it apart from other transparent cases. They are shockproof and very protective of your phone. It also has precise cutouts for charging ports, volume buttons and side buttons.

The case lets you show off your iPhone while adding an extra layer of protection to your phone.

To Sum It Up

GenZ Lifestyle has a wide and fabulous range of iPhone Covers at under rs.500/- Only. You can explore the page yourself and discover the range of the most trendy, classy and fashionable iPhone covers that are not just pretty but also made of high-quality material and are very protective of your phone. premium iPhone cases are just like accessories to your clothes but the ones that are protective of your iPhone. Therefore you have to choose what you buy very wisely while keeping them under your budget as you may need to change the iPhone cases from time to time.


1. What is the starting price of the iPhone cases on GenZ Lifestyle?

Ans. GenZ Lifestyle provides the best quality iPhone covers starting from just rs. 149/-!

2. What is the starting price of the Starbucks iPhone case on GenZ Lifestyle?

 Ans. The Starbucks iPhone cases start at just rs. 499/- on GenZ Lifestyle.

3. Why do the iPhone covers have raised bezels at the edges?

 Ans. The iPhone covers have raised bezels at the edges and around the camera rings to protect the screen and the camera.

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