Make Your Airpods Cover Your Style Statement!
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Make Your Airpods Cover Your Style Statement!

Make Your Airpods Cover Your Style Statement!

Airpods are one of the coolest things ever invented. What if we tell you there is a way to make them even cooler? Yes, we are talking about airpod covers!

Airpods come in a charger cum cover case. And it is made of Polycarbonate plastic material, which means there are chances it can get scratches and can get damaged if dropped. You can protect your AirPods by using an airpod cover!

It is also a very cool gift you can give someone! You gift airpods cover case to someone for their birthday, Diwali gifts or even on a first day at the office! It is helpful to protect their AirPods plus they are pretty cool to become a style statement!

Style your AirPods like you style your iPhones

Protect and style your AirPods with an airpod cover just like you style your iPhone with fancy iPhone covers!

Rugged Armour Case for Airpods

This classy black rugged armour case is built with premium PC and TPU material. Which makes it protective, lightweight and durable. This airpod case provides your AirPods protection from scratches and impacts. It also has anti-slip details on both the flanks which helps in avoiding case slipping out of your hand and protects it from damage. It helps you keep your AirPods clean, which means you don't have to worry about dust harming the charging point. It can support wired and wireless charging cases for AirPods pro. It comes with an LED light that turns on when charging. Get these AirPods pro cover online and discover them in 5 gorgeous colours that are black, brown, red, green and blue! These AirPods pro cover are available in the same design for AirPods 1, 2 and 3!

airpods pro cover

Handmade Leather Airpods case

This handmade leather airpods cases is made with full grain horse leather. It also comes with a carabiner hook that helps you keep it to yourself and never lose your AirPods! It is designed to give you a leather bag-like look, which can be your style statement. This protective AirPods 3 leather case can be customised with your own design engraved on it too! It is available in beautiful black, dark brown, light brown and blue colours. These personalised AirPods cases for AirPods 3 can be a perfect gift for your loved ones for their birthdays, anniversaries or any other occasion. It is also available for AirPods pro!

airpods 3 cover

Soft Leather Case for Airpods

This Airpods case for AirPods pro is made of high quality leather! It is designed to give you 360 degree protection, as high-quality silicone in the material absorbs impact and protects your AirPods from accidental drops and scratches. It is slim and form-fitting, which perfectly fits your AirPods. This protective AirPods 2 case cover has perfect cut-outs at the bottom for the lightning port, which gives you no need to take the cover off while charging. This AirPods 1 case online is available in various colours like black, light brown, dark brown, blue, green and red! These covers for AirPods 1 are also available for AirPods 3 and pro!

airpods 2 cover

Some FAQs about Airpod Cases

Here are some frequently asked questions about AirPods that we would like to answer.

Do AirPods need an extra cover?

Airpods come in their own case to protect the earbuds. But as mentioned above, those cases are made of Polycarbonate plastic material, which is pretty fragile. It can easily catch scratches and impacts. So, you might need an extra protective AirPods 2 case cover to protect it from any sort of damage.

Can you charge AirPods without taking the cover off?

Yes, you can. Most of the AirPods case covers in the market nowadays come with perfect cut-outs at the bottom for you to charge your earbuds without taking the cover off.

Do AirPods case covers slip?

Well, it depends on the material of your cover. GenZ provides you AirPods case covers made of high quality material, which makes them Anti-slip.

Airpods Covers


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