Coolest Santa Barbara Embroidered covers for iPhone 14 series
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Coolest Santa Barbara Embroidery Covers for iPhone 14 Series

Coolest Santa Barbara Embroidery Covers for iPhone 14 Series

Imagine what the iPhone cover would look like if the lush polo fields and lively spirit that Santa Barbara is famous for were brought onto an iPhone cover! It would work like a charm on your apple iPhone 14 cover! And imagine if it is embroidered? 

Well, Santa Barbara iPhones cases do exactly that for you. The beautiful designs and embroidery that speaks for the amazing craftsmanship itself. Cases that speak to your interest and aesthetics. 

Well, here we present you a collection of Santa Barbara embroidery back covers for your iPhone 14 series phone:

Santa Barbara Teddy Back Cover

  • Made with genuine leather 
  • Precise fittings for buttons

This Santa Barbara teddy back cover is super cute to look at. Made with genuine leather material this iPhone 14 cover promises classiness. It is well crafted in threaded embroidery, in the shape of a teddy bear. It has very precise fittings for buttons and it will be perfect for your iPhone 14’s protection.

Santa Barbara Blue Panther Back Cover

  • 360 protection
  • Dust resistant

The Santa Barbara Blue Panther cover is one of the coolest covers ever designed. The Blue Panther embroidered with thread on a genuine leather case looks just amazing. This iPhone 14 Promax cover boasts superior quality and the best designs. It is protective of your iPhone and is able to protect your iPhone from any minor impacts.

Santa Barbara Tiger Cover

  • Dust resistant
  • Threaded embroidery

This Santa Barbara Tiger cover is best for a strong personality that roars. This case on your iPhone 14 would represent how you fear no one. It is a premium vintage design created with thread embroidery. This apple iPhone 14 pro case also provides precise fitting of buttons and is made of genuine leather material. It can also keep your mobile away from dust, dirt and damage.

Santa Barbara Cat Back Cover

  • Precise fittings of buttons
  • Dust resistant

Made from genuine leather, this Santa barbara cat back cover will give your iPhone a classy and attractive look. This brown coloured cover has a white cat embroidered with thread on it. It also has precise fittings of buttons. This protection cover for iPhone 14 provides 360 protection against drops and impacts. It also keeps your phone dust free and dirt-free. Get this iPhone 14 Promax back cover and add cuteness to your collection!

Santa Barbara Jockey Back Cover

  • Made of genuine leather
  • Dirt proof

The Santa Barbara jockey back cover is one of the coolest iPhone 14 covers in our collection. You can look at the jockey embroidered over it to check the work of the finest craftsmanship. This apple iPhone 14 pro case is made with beautiful genuine leather. It is also available in 3 different colours - black, red and brown. This iPhone back cover will give a sporty touch to your iPhone.

Santa Barbara Wolf Back cover

  • 360 protection
  • Threaded embroidery

This Santa barbara wolf back cover is made of genuine leather. The intricate details of the thread embroidery with which the wolf is illustrated give it a beautiful touch. It fits precisely over the buttons and feels comfortable in your hands. The black background complements the illustration of the wolf. This iPhone 14 pro cover is also available for most models of iPhone.


Santa Barbara is famous for its cool breezy environment. And this Santa Barbara collection of iPhone 14 back covers are truly inspired by that. The finely thread embroidered iPhone covers are perfect examples of a testament to 100 years of rich heritage. All Santa Barbara covers are made with premium quality leather, which makes them worth buying and adding to your collection of apple iPhone 14 cover collection.

Santa Barbara covers


1. What kind of embroidery is done on Santa Barbara iPhone Covers?

Ans. Santa Barbara iPhone Covers are embroidered with thread embroidery work. 

2. How can you clean Santa Barbara iPhone Covers?

Ans. You can clean your Santa Barbara iPhone Cover with a simple damp cloth. 

3. Are the Santa Barbara iPhone Covers available for iPhone 14 pro max?

Ans. Yes, Santa Barbara iPhone Covers are available for iPhone 14 pro max.

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