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New Shiny Starbucks Covers for iPhone 13 and 14 Series!

New Shiny Starbucks Covers for iPhone 13 and 14 Series!
In the love of Starbucks and its aesthetics, once again the new Starbucks cases have been launched. And this time it's shiny. Well, not just Starbucks has a classy personality but also speaks for luxury. So, keeping them only classy is obviously not an option. We obviously needed to make them more luxurious. So, this time for the new Starbucks designs, luxurious iPhone covers it is. They are shiny, pretty and obviously protective of your iPhone.

  • Cases that feel luxurious

The brand new Starbucks iPhone cases shine bright and give the light of luxury in your hand.

  • Material that makes the iPhone cases Strong

Crafted with premium and hard-wearing TPU material that makes the case strong and durable.

  • The Shiny Surface

The shiny surface that also changes colour makes these iPhone cases look more luxurious.

  • Slim iPhone Case

The Starbucks iPhone cover have a slim profile and are very lightweight, which adds no bulk to your iPhone.

  • Compatibility

The all new Starbucks cases are wireless charging compatible. So you don’t have to take your iPhone cover off while charging.

Also compatible with iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 series Cases.

1. Cup Starbucks iPhone case

Okay, starting with the Starbucks case for iPhone 13. The cover design includes the Starbucks cup, as the name suggests and a drive through bill, composed of a simple Starbucks card that lets the cup and the bill overlap. The simple overlapping composition keeps the case looking elegant.

iPhone 13 Starbucks case


2. Rewards Starbucks iPhone cover

The Starbucks reward iPhone 13 cover case here is probably the most ‘out-there’ case of them all. The big Starbucks logo is in the centre, overlapping and underlapping the Starbucks typography. The top right corner consists of a ‘my coffee reward’ card attached with green tape. The iPhone 13 Starbucks case overall has a heavy composition, which best suits a person with a loud personality.

iPhone 13 Starbucks case


3. Double Starbucks iPhone cases (Colour Changing)

The Starbucks double iPhone 13 Starbucks cover here must be the simpler one. It is simply composers with a Starbucks logo over a brownish colour patch, a small cup over it, and some random phrase in simple Arial typography it seems.

iPhone 13 Starbucks case


4. Teddy Starbucks iPhone case

The Teddy iPhone 14 Starbucks cover from this Starbucks shiny case series is also one of the most ‘out-there’ cases on the GenZ lifestyle. Composed of a teddy, 2 cups of coffee or Frappuccino we suppose, the simple coffee typography, the order-check sticker, and some random elements. The composition all together looks really cute.

iPhone 14 Starbucks case


5. Siren Starbucks iPhone cover

Starbucks siren's best iPhone 14 cases are the elegant ones. The Starbucks logo is in the centre, with a white off centre circular patch for the illusion, a colour patch with a Starbucks name cut with a line and an underline, and a simple vertical Starbucks typography. The case composes a very elegant design to suit the class of iPhone.

iPhone 14 Starbucks case

6. Check Starbucks iPhone Cases

The all new Starbucks iPhone 14 Promax cases here on GenZ Lifestyle has a very effortless composition. The case composes a zoomed in checklist vectors, underlapped by a big Starbucks logo card. The simple composition with no extra details makes the case look effortless.

iPhone 14 Starbucks case

7. Never Give Up Starbucks iPhone cases

The ‘Never give up’ Starbucks case supports you ‘never giving up' attitude. The Starbucks case for iPhone 14 is filled with enough motivational quotes to help you keep up with your attitude. The classic stamp like the Starbucks logo, a cappuccino cup and a barcode. The collage is well composed and can suit any personality.

iPhone 14 Starbucks case

8. Starbucks Star Cases

GenZ Lifestyle presents last but not least on this blog, the Starbucks star iPhone 14 cover. The case is nicely composed with the Starbucks logo, a card, a Starbucks postal stamp, A custom checklist, and an order bill. The case is also collaged with simple circular green circles for aesthetic purposes, we suppose.

iPhone 14 Starbucks case

The Starbucks premium iPhone cases here are an update to the previous Starbucks cases. They have a unique texture and style. The lenses are covered with protection. Crafted with premium and hard-wearing TPU material. These Starbucks cases have a shiny surface which also changes colours. The cases are lightweight and have a slim profile. The well-designed Starbucks cases are not just pretty and shiny but are also wireless charging compatible.


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1. Where can I Get the best Starbucks iPhone covers Online at a cheap price?

Ans. GenZ Lifestyle has the best collection of Starbucks cases in various material and design options at the best prices for you to choose from.

2. What material are the Starbucks cases made of?

Ans. Starbucks cases are available in many different materials such as silicone, plastic, hard-wearing TPU materials etc.

3. Does GenZ lifestyle have a shiny Starbucks case available in their Starbucks iPhone cases collection?

Ans. Yes, GenZ Lifestyle has the most trendy Starbucks case available on its site, including the shiny Starbucks case.

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