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Most fabulous iPhone Cases at Just rs.299/-

Most fabulous iPhone Cases at Just rs.299/-

We all like decorating our phones with different cool iPhone covers, don’t we? But buying stylish covers every now and then is pretty expensive too! The iPhone itself is a costly purchase and buying expensive iPhone covers on top of that adds to the expense. But what if I tell you you can buy iPhone covers online at just rs.299/-? 

Yes, you heard it right. We have come up with a collection of the coolest iPhone covers available just at rs.299/-!

iPhone covers at just rs.299/- 

Won’t you all love to collect iPhone cases so that you can dress your iPhone occasion wise just as you dress? Well, you can do that now, as we have come up with inexpensive Premium iPhone Cases that you buy at just rs. 299/-!

Geometric Design

This geometric designed iPhone 12 promax case here is just the coolest case with a modern touch. The marble print background with multiple designs for the pattern and The golden geometric design adds to the beauty that the marble print itself! The colour combination of each variation is a masterpiece itself. These geometric design covers are available in various options for the design like ciramic, Hexa pink, tri pink, Hexa dark pink, blue, and red ceramic. 

Geomatric Design Case for iPhone

Ultra Slim Paper Case

iPhones are the most elegant looking phones of all. And one of the things that make them the most elegant is their sleek body. But adding a protective iPhone cover makes them very bulgy. Most covers add a thick layer to the back of your iPhone for protection. But the iPhone 14 promax cases here are ultra slim paper case. The paper case, if you would call it, protects the case just as much as the regular cases. It is also anti-dust, washable & tear-resistant. It has a matt plastic touch finish that gives you a very comfortable touch experience. It is also available in colours like shiny blue, black, green & white. 

Ultra Slim Paper Case For iPhone

Ultra Slim Logo Cut Paper Case

Just like the case mentioned above, this iPhone 7 case is paper slim. It is ultra slim and lightweight that you can barely even feel its existence. It also has a cutout around the logo area of the iPhone 7 so that you can show off your iPhone. These ultra slim logo cut paper cases here are available in various colours like light green, dark green, yellow, white and pink. 

Ultra Slim Logo Cut Paper Case For iPhone

The Ladies' Special Cases

These particular cases are a few of the cases that are loved by our women customers. They have the prettiest and classiest designs printed over them. The yellow leaf design and the yellow cheetah designs kinda also give you a versace vibe by their design. The black and white pink and the ‘love-make-up’ print carry the cool aesthetic and the cheetah print that has various sizes and types of cheetah prints collaged on the iPhone 12 pro case is just elegant.

Ladies Spacial Case For iPhone

Carbon Paper Case

This Blue Ultra slim carbon paper case has a plastic transparent form which snuggles over your iPhone. With precise cutouts, these cases give you access to all the features of the phone. The iPhone 13 promax back cover has a matt-plastic touch finish on the outer body which feels comfortable in your hands. It is sweatproof, fingerprint proof, anti-dust, washable and tear-resistant.  These cases will give you a classy and sober look.

Carbon Paper Case for iPhone

2 in 1 Coloured Border Case

The transparent iPhone case with a coloured border here avails you to show off the real colour of your iPhone as well gives it a quirky look with its coloured borders. The case is shockproof and impact resistant. The iPhone 13 mini case is made of TPU and a soft pc that protects the cover from sudden drops.

2 In 1 Camera Protection Coloured Border Case For iPhone


The Classy Leather Print

For all the minimalists out there who like minimal designs for everything, this case will be perfect for you. This iPhone 12 mini back cover with a minimal design with a subtle colour combination is classy and very elegant looking. You can carry these cases with your casual outfits and even for gym fits. It protects your phone from accidental drops and everyday wear and tears possibilities.

Classy Leather Print With Velvet Cover For iPhone

The good iPhone cases that protect your phone and look good are generally priced high, but GenZ lifestyle has brought to you some of their coolest looking iPhone cases at just rs.299/- so, what are you waiting for? Visit Genz Lifestyle's website and grab yours now! 

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