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Mobile accessories for all your phone needs!

Mobile accessories for all your phone needs!

Phones have become our primary necessity nowadays. We need our phones for mostly everything. From waking up to going to sleep we depend on our phone. From water intake reminders to off the screen reminders, from professional life to social life, from to-do lists to actually doing the work on the list, we mostly depend on our phones or technology. That's just how our phone also depends on its mobile accessories. Like, as phone charger, USB c power adapter, mobile stands, and many more.

Mobile Accessories You Need.

For all your necessities, we have brought you all the necessary mobile accessories.

Ultraprolink Boost QC3.0 Charger + Type C Cable

This ultraprolink boost type C charger cable is ultra fast! Using this quick charge 3.0 port, your connected device will be charged 4x faster than any ordinary charger in the market. It will allow your device to charge as much as 80% of its full charge capacity in nearly 35 minutes. This Phone charger also comes with a USB type C fast charging cable of 1 metre. This will perform optimally irrespective of the brand of your device and the connector of your cable.

Mcdodo CH-872 Magsafe Wireless Charger for iPhone

This Mcdodo CH-872 MagSafe wireless mobile charger is suitable mostly for the iphone 12 series. It is compatible with 15w/ 10w/ 7.5w/ 5w wireless charging power to different devices. It is an ultra thin power case with no limited storage room. You can move your hands free, as this iPhone wireless charger has strong absorption to mobile, so you don’t need to hold it while charging & using at the same time.

Mcdodo Fast Mobile Charger

This Mcdodo fast mobile charger is a 33w PD=QC dual port charger. This charger supports all mobile phone’s fast charging requirements. This Phone charger charges iPad pro 65% in just 1 hour, and MacBook air gets charged 100% in 150 minutes! It supports microcurrent mode and fast charging devices without damage to the battery. This charger has a dual port- USB A= & USB C port, which is fully compatible with PD3.0 QC3.0 SCP FCp AFC VOOC etc. fast charger protocols. There are times when we need our phones charged as soon as possible and our regular chargers fail to do that for us. And then is when this Mcdodo Fast mobile charger can be of help.

Ultraprolink Fast Charging Type C Cable

This sink type C USB cable will support fast charging for your smartphones, tablets & small personal electronics. This fast charging type C cable supports fast data transfer up to 480mbps, transferring tons of movies, flies, songs, and photos in a flash at speeds of 480 Mbps when used with MacBooks & laptops. You can connect your device to any power source at a distance as this type C cable comes with a 1.5m / 4.9 ft length. The external sleeve is made of non-tangle nylon braiding. Zinc alloy also makes this cable tough & lightweight.

Ultraprolink 4-in-1 Wireless Dock

This ultraprolink 4-in1 wireless charging dock supports 1w for pencils, 2w magnetic charging for iWatch, 3w for AirPods and many others. This wireless charger weighs only 200g and allows horizontal & vertical charging of phones. It is only 24mm thick, fully foldable and extremely portable. You can watch your favourite content while charging your phone with convenience. The charging area of the phone can also be adjusted vertically to allow accurate charging while in a vertical position, or can even collapse for a horizontal charging position. It has a rubberized surface which makes sure that your phone doesn't slip while charging. It also has LEDs that change status to indicate charge, errors & standby. It is a perfect travel companion for anyone.

Mcdodo 4-in-1 Multicharger Cable

This Mcdodo 4-in-1 multi charger cable is as the name suggests, a multi-tasker. If you are someone who is always on the move then this 4-in-1 cable is made for you. It is compatible with XS Max/XS/SR/X/8/7/6 plus & Type-C & Micro Devices. iOS/ Type-C Compatible with Cell Phones Tablets and More (Black). Each phone charging cable is 4ft/ 1.2 metres long, which is enough for long distance usage at home, office, car and travel.

Mcdodo Car Charger With Digital Display

This wireless car charger charges the iPhone 50% in just 30 minutes. It also provides 30w high power output to MacBook, keeping its battery full all the time. It has a built-in voltage monitoring chip, thus, it can monitor the car battery voltage intelligently in real time. This car charger with a digital display comes helpful when you are in a rush to reach somewhere and you need to charge your device during the travel time.

Ultraprolink trio-link 3-in-1 Cable

This 3-in-1 cable is one of the best mobile accessories ever invented. We all need this cable in life. This cable gives you blazing charging speeds of 5A and data transfer speeds of up to 5Gbps. This cable unleashes the full potential of your connected device. This Nylokev-C+ type cable is made of kevlar inside which gives the wiring the much needed strength and the outer jacket is made of abrasion resistant nylon that makes the outer covering strong as well. The 99.99% oxygen free copper strands keep it rust free. You can plug it into your wireless car charger, your regular type c adapter, your laptop and other USB supported devices to connect it with type C, micro and apple devices. It is completely travel friendly as you don't have to take different cables for every type.


We need mobile accessories just as much as we need mobiles. Our mobiles can work better and more conveniently with appropriate accessories. Above are some accessories that you may need in your day to day hustle of life to make it hassle-less. Genz has a wide range of accessories for your mobiles/devices, to keep up with the fast life and your device’s necessity.

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