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Must Have Classy iPhone 14 Covers: 2023

Must Have Classy iPhone 14 Covers: 2023

It’s been a while since the iPhone 14 series has been launched by Apple. So far it is the best of them all, which we of course say after most of their launches. iPhone 14 cases were launched even before the launch of the iPhone 14 itself in India. And we must say that the covers for iPhone 14 series are the best of them all.

The Premium iPhone cases of all of them are probably the best. They are simple, have a minimalistic approach to the designs and of course, are very protective of your iPhone. They are simple yet classy thus you can carry them anywhere you like, and make a classy impression on yourself.

Classy iPhone 14 Covers Online

If you are also finding classy iPhone covers online then you have landed in the right place. We have gathered some of the best iPhone 14 cases that are classy and will protect your phone like armour.

Green - Clear Non-yellow iPhone 14 Cover

Green Transparent iPhone cases
  • Shock absorbing corners
  • Up to 3.0 metres drop test

The comic green transparent iPhone case, the first of the list here has to be the transparent case. The transparent iPhone case lets you show off your iPhone, and the one over here lets you show off in a classier way.

The clear iPhone 14 cover here has a cool green-coloured border with octagonal edges, which gives the transparent case a classy look. This case especially looks better with a green-coloured iPhone 14. It also has raised lip protection to protect your iPhone screen and camera. It is also available at just rs. 499/- on GenZ.

Ultra Slim Blue iPhone 14 Cover

Ultra-slim iPhone 14 cases
  • Sweat and fingerprint-proof
  • Anti-dust
  • Washable
  • Tear resistant

The ultra-slim iPhone 14 case, or should we say the paper case, here is the sleekest piece of iPhone cover. It is also ultra-slim and ultra-lightweight. It significantly adds no bulk to your iPhone at all.

The Blue iPhone 14 cover here is shiny in the most classy way. It has a matt, plastic touch finish of the plastic exterior that feels comfortable in your hand. The plastic transparent form of these iPhone cases snuggles your iPhone perfectly. They are just perfect to carry for any occasion.

Red iPhone 14 Cover

Red iPhone 14 back covers
  • 12 ft. drop protection
  • Raised camera bezel

The Red iPhone 14 back covers is made to give you the most iconic look. It is red and simple with no additional designs over it, which makes it look classy even with the super eye-catchy colour that Red is.

The red iPhone cover here has raised bezels that protect your iPhone screen and camera, during an accidental drop. The interior of this iPhone case has a hollow honeycomb structure that improves shock absorption and has sculpted corners for reinforced drop protection. Thus they are not cool and classy but also give your phone complete protection.

Green Leather iPhone 14 Cover

Green iPhone 14 leather cover
  • Wireless charging compatible
  • Scratch proof
  • Premium PU leather case

The Green iPhone 14 leather cover here is made of premium quality PU leather, which feels so smooth in your hand. The dark green colour of the leather iPhone 14 pro cover gives you a royal look.

This iPhone case here has a fine microfiber inner covering that keeps your device scratch-proof. It also responsively covers the button for knobs. The green iPhone cover also supports wireless charging to charge your phone without having to take off the cover.

Chrome Gold iPhone 14 Cover

Chrome Gold iPhone 14 Case
  • Electroplated bumper frame
  • Impact resistant
  • Anti-fingerprint texture

The chrome clear gold iPhone case is one of the best transparent cases for the iPhone 14. The chrome case comes with an electroplated bumper frame. They are impact resistant, so it secures your iPhone while facing any minor impacts. The transparent iPhone case has an anti-fingerprint texture and accurate flexible buttons. You can carry this iPhone 14 cover case to any function, as it will look classy enough for any function that you have to attend.

Artus Purple iPhone 14 Cover

Purple iPhone cases
  • Raised lip protection
  • Made with soft TPU and hard plastic
  • Shock pocket technology
  • Wireless charging compatible

The Artus purple iPhone cases are transparent with purple sides covering the phone. The transparent iPhone 14 cover is made with shock pocket technology to secure your iPhone. It has raised lip protection that assures your iPhone doesn’t even get a scratch when it is placed upside down.

The purple iPhone case is a clear case which allows the real colour of your iPhone to be visible. This means the purple-coloured iPhones would look the best with these iPhone cases.

Magnetic Matte Black iPhone 14 Cover

Matte Black iPhone 14 Case
  • TPU soft borders & bumpers on the corners
  • 0.5 mm raised bezels

The magnetic matte black iPhone 14 cover here is an original Nillkin case. The black iPhone covers are wear-resistant and anti-skidding. They are dust-proof, anti-fingerprint, and super easy to clean. You can clean them once or twice a week and keep it fresh as new for a long time. The matte black cases look cool enough for any casual event.

To wrap up

The iPhone 14 covers are available in so many styles, designs, colours and materials on GenZ Lifestyle. All of the cases from GenZ are super protective of your iPhone. The raised lip protection makes sure the phone doesn’t get scratched even when placed face up. They are impact resistant, dust proof and anti-fingerprint, which makes them easy to clean.

You can visit GenZ lifestyle and explore a wide range of iPhone Covers in various different options. So, go check them out and shop now!


1. Which is the most classy iPhone case?

Ans. The chrome cases are one of the most classy iPhone cases.

2. Are transparent cases available in purple borders?

Ans. The Artus purple iPhone cases are available as transparent cases with a purple borders.

3. Are leather iPhone cases available in green colour?

Ans. Yes, the leather iPhone cases on GenZ Lifestyle are available in brown, light brown, dark brown, red, black and green as well.

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