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With the iPhone XR, you have one of the most stunning technological devices in your hands. The iPhone XR, one of the first Apple phones to include dual sim functionality, provides best-in-class performance and elegance.

With this phone, you definitely get your money's worth. However, your phone is never quite complete without a stylish back cover. This implies that once you get your iPhone XR, you will need to purchase an iPhone XR cover or an iPhone XR case.

The iPhone XR is a phone at the higher end of the price range. With a phone like this, you have to be a little more cautious in your actions. You must take the essential precautions to keep your phone safe from harm. A high-quality iPhone XR case can help you out. It can add an extra layer of security to your phone.

When looking for an iPhone XR Silicone cover, you should never save on quality. Purchasing an iPhone XR Cover is a worthwhile purchase. But you certainly want your iPhone XR Case or iPhone XR Matte cover to be stylish as well, don't you?

Choosing the Right iPhone XR Case that meets your Desire

You don't have to settle for anything less than the best for your iPhone XR. You must obtain a phone cover for iPhone XS that matches the style of the phone. Now, where did you acquire that? Don't squander your time. Simply go to Genz and browse the most beautiful selection of iPhone XR back covers. Genz Lifestyle provides you with unrivalled aesthetic options while also guaranteeing that your phone is fully protected.

You also get the options to choose iPhone 8 plus cases, iPhone 7 covers, iPhone xs cases and many more for different iPhone models at affordable prices only at Genz Lifestyle.

Getting Your Choice Of Phone Cover

You are constantly on the lookout for a phone cover that is relevant to your interests or preferences. If you're a big football fan, you might want to acquire a phone cover with your favourite team's logo on it. If you're a movie enthusiast, you might want to acquire a cover featuring some of your favourite movie's best lines.

Preferences can be broad and varied. Genz offers a wide selection of iPhone XR back covers from which to choose based on your preferences. We never sacrifice quality and make certain that each of our designs provides you with an entertaining experience.

What kind of iPhone XR mobile cover do you want? We present you with a wide selection of options to ensure that you always find what you are looking for. Genz Lifestyle provides high-quality protection as well as the most fashionable aesthetics.

So, does it convince you that you need to get a case for your iPhone XR and that you should buy it from Genz? We make certain that you leave our website satisfied and with the best iPhone XR cases you were looking for. We offer a flawless experience with zero difficulties, from navigating our website to accessing our payment choices and receiving your products. Genz is the place to go when it comes to finding the perfect iPhone XR case.


1. How well does the iPhone XR Back Cover protect the main camera from damage?
Ans. To provide a space between the lenses and the surfaces, the iPhone XR cases have a high corner around the rear camera unit.

2. Is wireless charging supported by the iPhone XR Silicone cases?
Ans. With no question. It offers quick wireless charging without the need to remove the case.

3. Can the cases be easily broken?
Ans. No, all of the cases are made of strong materials.

4. Is the protection provided by iPhone XR cases adequate?
Ans. Yes, the cases are made of high-quality materials and have a raised lip around the screen.

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