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iPhone 11 ProMax Covers

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Quilted Matte Silicone Case For iPhone 11 Pro Max
Regular priceRs. 799.00Rs. 499.00
  • Black
  • Nevy Blue
  • Blue
  • Lavendor
  • Sierra Blue
  • Green
  • Dark Green
Chrome case for iPhone 11 ProMax
Regular priceRs. 500.00Rs. 349.00
  • Black
  • White
  • Pink
K-Doo Ultra Slim Logo Cut Paper Case For iPhone 11 ProMax
Regular priceRs. 500.00Rs. 299.00
  • PINK
  • RED
  • NEON

Purchasing an appropriate back case for your brand new and pricey iPhone 11 Pro is the best method to safeguard it. Online purchasing sites sell iPhone 11 Pro cases and covers. Some of you may believe that because you just purchased a new phone, why not show it off without a back cover or tempered glass? 

The sleek and silky smoothness of a newly bought phone feels just right in your hands. It is guaranteed to pique your interest, and you will want to show it off to your friends and family. You will get the most amazing iPhone 11 ProMax cases from Genz Lifestyle. 

Buy Protective iPhone 11 ProMax cases from Genz Lifestyle

Though smartphones are beautifully built and have completed drop testing, you may wind up dropping them on a concrete surface or a hard floor owing to bad luck or negligence. This will not only cause your phone's gorgeous screen to break, but it will also produce dents, nicks, and scratches on its corners and surface. 

Would you then want to showcase a phone that is only a few days old and has numerous scrapes and dents? I'm guessing the answer is no. So, what is the greatest method to show off your new iPhone 11 Pro back cover while simultaneously protecting it from mishaps? The answer to this query is to outfit your device with a high-quality phone case.

The stunning collection of iPhone 11 Promax Cases 

Even if the primary function of a back cover is to protect your phone from dirt, unintentional mishaps, or scratches, individuals nowadays purchase back covers and cases for their valuable electronics to make a fashion statement. On online shopping sites, you may find a wealth of unique and trendy back covers and cases for your new iPhone 11 cover online.

Check out a wide selection of graphic-printed designer iPhone 11 Pro cases and covers in a variety of topics such as comics, cartoons, movies, drawings, quotes, and so on. If you want a less flashy back case, you can get iPhone 11 Pro covers in basic colours. 

A plain back case not only gives your phone a beautiful and classy design but also protects it from minor catastrophes. Back coverings are available in a variety of hues, including brown, gold, green, grey, orange, pink, and purple. You will get an iPhone 11 pro max flip cover, silicone cover, Nimmy cover and leather case to make your phone look ultimately sterling. 

Log in to to purchase back cases and phone covers. Check out the iPhone 11 Pro cases from reputable manufacturers like Spigen, Armour, Ferrari, Nimmy case, and many more. 

You can limit your choices by using filters for the theme, colour, material, type, and many other factors. You may even purchase various cases and coverings for your phone to wear on different occasions. So, why wait any longer? Purchase the best iPhone Pro 11 cases and covers right away!

Here we also have iPhone x/xs back covers, iPhone 11 cases and other options for you.   


1. Are there different choices available in iPhone 11 ProMax cases?
Ans. Yes, there are a variety of iPhone 11 ProMax cases available at Genz lifestyle. 

2. Does the Cover give easy access to the camera?
Ans. You can easily access your cameras while putting different covers on them. 

3. Does the cover help you access wireless charging?
Ans. Yes, silicone covers support wireless charging with the cover on the phone. 

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